We can’t let animal welfare become an afterthought in this country’s trade deals

Demand the UK Keep Farmed Animals Safe From Abuse!

In a post-Brexit world, animals once protected by the United Kingdom’s particularly high welfare standards are at risk of being plunged into a nightmare.

A new report urges the UK government to take immediate action, noting that without new standards, animal welfare faces a “clear and present danger” from trade deals with countries that have lax laws. This could include any range of animal abuses — from forcing livestock to travel for days on end in horrible conditions, to killing animals without stunning them first, to subjecting innocent creatures to horrific practices like “mulesing,” which involves removing strips of skin off of sheep without any anesthetic. These abuses are just a few examples of the cruelty to come if the government fails to act.

The United Kingdom must hold firm and protect animals, both at home and abroad. We must put pressure on the UK Department of International Trade to create clear core standards which uphold domestic standards for ethical and humane animal production before any animals go through needless, egregious torture. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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