We Must End Cruel Animal Tests

Frightened dogs are cowering in barren metal cages.Some suffer from swollen tongues and weakened jaw muscles that make it difficult for them to swallow even the thinnest gruel. Nearby, other miserable, lonely dogs whimper and cry out – desperate for the comfort and affection every dog deserves.This nightmare is going on right now in muscular dystrophy (MD) experiments at Texas A&M University (TAMU) in the United States and at France’s Alfort National Veterinary School – while similar studies are being undertaken on a campus of the Royal Veterinary College here in the UK. Many dogs in these experiments – some of whom were purposely bred to develop a canine form of MD – will struggle to walk, eat, and even breathe.
In other laboratories, experimenters are poisoning or mutilating dogs – and when they are done with them, they will kill them and discard them like medical waste.Please help dogs and other animals by supporting PETA’s “Stop Animal Testing” challenge right now.We’ve set a goal of raising £250,000 through this special challenge before our deadline of 31 October, and your gift – which will be matched, pound for pound, up to our goal – will have a tremendous impact on our work to protect animals from suffering.

Decades of such torturous experiments on dogs have yet to lead to a cure – or even a treatment – for the devastating symptoms of MD in humans.

Even though scientists know there are better research and treatment methods to pursue – such as using cells to create disease-specific cures, transplanting healthy muscle cells into human MD patients, and establishing human-relevant drug-screening platforms – the cruel and pointless experiments on dogs haven’t stopped … yet!

PETA and our affiliates are determined to prevent dogs and other animals from languishing in laboratory cages. Inspired by the powerful footage from exposés of the dog laboratories at TAMU and Alfort, compassionate people have flooded these institutions with e-mails and phone calls demanding that the torture stop. MD patients around the globe and hundreds of doctors who treat people with MD are taking action, too, amplifying our call for charities and government agencies to fund only human-relevant, animal-free research methods and for experimenters to stop tormenting dogs.

Your gift to PETA today will be matched, strengthening the vital campaigns that are stopping cruel experiments on dogs, cats, and other animals.

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