We need YOU to help stop animal tests

PETA’s “Stop Animal Testing” Challenge has begun – and animals who are being tormented in cruel, archaic experiments need your help.

Now’s your chance to do TWICE as much to help animals like a lonely monkey cowering in a barren cage, dreading the moment she’ll be hauled away so experimenters can deliberately terrify her.

Now’s your chance to do TWICE as much to prevent dogs from being repeatedly tormented in crude and painful tests before they’re finally killed, dissected, and discarded like medical waste – without ever knowing the love of a family.

We’ve set an ambitious goal of raising £250,000 in this year’s “Stop Animal Testing” Challenge, and we need your help to meet it! Every donation we receive before midnight on 31 October will be matched, pound for pound, going twice as far to help power the work that’s preventing monkeys, dogs, mice, rabbits, and other animals from suffering.

Please be part of the challenge and PETA’s innovative work to stop wasteful, deadly experiments: give right now.

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