We torture helpless animals just to create beauty products

Canada Officially Banned Animal Testing for Cosmetics. The U.S. and Japan Must Do the Same!

Canada just protected animals from painful, horrific, unnecessary torture by banning cosmetic testing on animals! On June 22, 2023, the Canadian legislature passed Bill C-47, a law that bans all cosmetic animal testing in the country, as well as the sale of any cosmetics that were tested on animals. 

In doing so, Canada became the 44th country in the world to pass laws that ban or limit cosmetic animal testing or sales. 

Meanwhile, the United States and Japan are two of the top countries in the world that are most reliant on animal testing for cosmetics.

Cosmetic animal testing involves selfishly subjecting innocent animals like rabbits, dogs, mice, and monkeys to painful experiments, just to develop new beauty products for humans. 

Researchers force these helpless beings to endure distressing procedures like eye and skin irritation tests, lethal dose testing, and force-feeding. An estimated 500,000 animals suffer from cosmetics tests every year, with many of them dying from toxic exposure or pain and shock.

But animal testing for cosmetics isn’t even necessary! In fact, many alternative methods exist that are more accurate and reliable.

Now it’s time for the governments of the United States and Japan to join the right side of history. Sign the petition to save the animals!

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