Stray Cats Update 06/02/09

On Sunday afternoon and Monday morning I visited a beautiful injured Ginger Tom ,that had been found bleeding in the road near the square. He is being well looked after, and his mouth is healing well, but he urgently needs a foster home in the next week, as the English lady who rescued him is about to go back to the UK. We are trying to trace his owner, as he is very tame and looks very familiar. Further news yesterday from Julie was that he is now eating well on his own and things are looking good which means if we cannot find him a foster home, her daughter will mange to look after him while Julie is away.

Monday evening we were at the vet’s again with 3 of our foster kittens. Bono was assessed again, little Felix and Bruno had their chests checked, and Jasper had his plaster removed. All good progress even Bono, whose little mouth is showing slow signs of improvement.

Thursday was been a fantastic day for Almerimar Strays front. Firstly we caught Tabitha , our lovely tabby, and then we took her, along with Charlie up to Jos’s dog rescue centre for his vet to sterilise.

This was our first time with Jos’s vet, and both he and Jos were brilliant. Because they have some funding and are set-up well to help the stray dogs, they kindly gave us a great price today, and in addition they have agreed to help us sterilise the feral female cats out in the port.
This means that I can get back to my original plan to try and limit the number of feral kittens born, and make life much better for the stray females, and we start on Tuesday with the 3 sisters from the rocks.

Today, Friday, I had another nomination for castration from Pam, our big ginger Tom, also usually on the rocks. I think we will get to the males next, particularly as he has been seen smoozing with a particularly feral siamese female, who we will never catch.

Meanwhile on Calle Alcor, all is now calm. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the tough time beautiful Monty was having been seen off by the other full macho Tomcats (Monty was castrated). Well today I fed Monty and little Mimi and there was no sign of any of the other trouble-makers. I think a lot of the fighting was to do with the mating season. Little Mimi has now been seen doing the deed, and Tabitha is no longer there, so the active Toms have dispersed. I guess it wasn’t my food they were really after all along.

Today I have also been to check on Tabitha in her new foster home with Dawn. She is very quiet and not eating yet, but this is maybe not a surprise after her operation yesterday. She is however really enjoying being stroked and has been sleeping in the sun. I’ve taken her a new big squidgy bed from Pam, and some of her favourite biscuits to tempt her, so hopefully she will be happier tomorrow. Meanwhile Dawn’s recent rescue, little Oscar of about 10 weeks, was cavorting all over the place trying to attract Tabitha’s attention to play. More on him next week.

We also have more positive news from Germany this week. They have already people interested in 3 of our Almerimar 5 kittens, and they will be putting the news photos I sent of Tabitha and the Ginger tomcat, on their web-site this weekend. I will also now be able to tell them that our Ginger Tom was today given a name. I wanted one that reflected his lion-like face and Mary came up with Simba.

Another good week for Almerimar strays, and thanks again to all our helpers and foster carers.

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