Stray Cats Update 14/02/09

Last Saturday I managed to take some really great photos and video of little Bono. The video started off as a diagnostic idea so that a vet friend of Mary’s could try and give us a second opinion, but was also very cute, and features some ‘interesting’ background chat!

The photos have gone down so well in Germany that Martina emailed me on Thursday to say “Bono is the star, even if he is handicaped !!! i have already 5 people, who are interested…so I have a choice, to find the best place for him !!! Her favoured person is a doctor from Switzerland, and she does sound pretty ideal.

Bono has been a huge effort for Pam particularly, but also Mary and me. It is only in the last week that he has started eating soft food by himself, but now he is progressing well,and we hope that soon he will also be able to also lap liquids. The great news is that on Thursday, Begona our vet, actually managed to look inside his mouth and all looks normal!

Bono is now featured on the front page of our German partner’s website, along with the Almerimar 5.

The Almerimar 5 are all being very well looked after, and we have hopes that they will all be ready to travel to Germany with Jos on the next transport mid-March.

Bonny and Jasper are well and healthy, and have been given the run of Jenny’s basement in the day-time, which is great for Jasper’s (previously broken) little leg, where muscle is building back fast. I saw them both on Tuesday, and whilst Bonny is still a little nervous, Jasper is a complete darling! Tracy unfortunately is still struggling with possible flu with the other 3 and I’m awaiting reports of her latest visit to the vet last night.

Felix continues to be the worst and we may ultimately have to try and isolate him, as we are worried that he keeps passing the virus back to his brothers. Meanwhile they all have various anti-biotics and other treatments to fight secondary infections and alleviate symptoms. The good news is that they are all eating well and playing, and our plan as each becomes healthy is to move them to join Bonny and Jasper.

Meanwhile our 7th kitten, little Oscar, whom Dawn and Nick rescued from the water is starting to get used to people. I actually picked him up on Tuesday, without thinking, and he didn´t bite me or seem too concerned. We are hoping to put one of the other kittens with him soon as a playmate, unless we can find a sibling, one of whom has definitely been seen.

Tuesday was a busy but great day as Pam and I caught 2 of out ‘active’ young females and took them up to Jos’s dog rescue for successful sterilisations. Both then spent 2 nights at Jenny’s and Pam and I collected them and released them back onto the rocks on Thursday.

Jenny was a little worried that they weren’t eating, but once we got them back to their familiar environment, they tucked in, and, as the sun was shining and brother and friend came to greet them, all seemed great. Pam reported yesterday that they were still fine with nicely healing wounds, and seemed non the worse for their experience. One in particular, pictured in my previous post, is a candidate for later re-homing. She is a lovely little tabby, and quite tame. All she needs is a foster home for a few weeks and a name, if anyone can help with either.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week I visited Simba, the Ginger Tom , who was found injured in the road, and taken in by Julie North. His mouth has healed well, but unfortunately he now has an eye ulcer poor chap. We will be helping with treatment shifts over the next week, as he needs drop 4 times a day! The good news for him is that Julie and her daughter are keen to adopt him, so he may get to stay in sunny Spain!

Other news from Germany on Wednesday was not so good. Jassa ,one of our beautiful Almerimar cats, is struggling with a bad bacterial infection and is on antibiotics. They think it is residual from the chest infection he had at the cat rescue in November. Here’s hoping he is well again soon, and watch out for some great new photos of him in his new home that I received this week.

Other news from here is that Tracy and Kev get the free Credit Crunch Special @ La Plaza as a big thankyou for all their help in fostering (and treating) kittens over the past few months. The Almerimar 5 are their second litter, and all have had problems of some sort. Thanks also to little Jack for his help and loving too. This prize was kindly donated to Almerimar Strays by Mac in Canada, who won it in the AlmerimarLife monthly competition. Thanks to Mac, and to Tracy in particularly for her continued help.

Ok that’s about it and quite enough for one week, apart from reporting that Tabitha ,a week after her operation, has finally decide to get out of her basket and start moving around! I didn’t realise that Dawn had kindly been providing her with meals in bed!!! Tabs does seem to be the most gentle, lazy cat, and I’m pleased to say that we already have a foster home lined up for her in Germany, where she will join Rabichu, a lovely black Tomcat, and one of my favourites when he was at the cat rescue.

Ok that’s it. You will be able to tell from this that it has been another busy week for me as well. Through Almerimar Life Strays I have my new friends in Germany to email daily, and lots of coordinating to do, as well as directly dealing with the cats. It is however mostly enjoyable, and definitely ALL rewarding and worthwhile.

7 thoughts on “Stray Cats Update 14/02/09

  1. Chris

    Mori, Saidi and I are all fine as well in case anyone interested!!!!

  2. Pam Roberts

    Big news today re little Bono, he has had a big tin of arroz and tuna and finished off by LAPPING up cat milk.Lots of bubbles down his nose but he got there in the end.Now he can lap I think its time to start him on his injections so that he can journey to his new home in Switzerland, we will be sorry to see him go because he really is a lovable little fellow.His eye infection seems to have cleared up so its all systems go!!

  3. Sands Post author

    FANTASTIC news. I will book him in on Monday. I am SO please that things have worked out well for him.

  4. Jenny

    That’s such amazing news about Bono, how very gratifying for the three of you who have put in so much time, effort and tlc, especially Pam. A very lucky cat who now has a future!

  5. Sands Post author

    More good kittens news. Bruno and Felix are much better and are off anti-biotics, which just leaves little Felix struggling. Here’s hoping he feels better soon.

  6. purificadoras

    Good web site you have got here.. It’s difficult to find quality writing like yours these days. I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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