When people ignore leash laws, dogs die

Dog owners in most U.S. cities are required to keep their pets on leashes. And it makes sense: without leashes, our beloved furry beloved friends could wind up lost, injured, or worse — and, in fact, that’s exactly what happens everyday to countless pups all across the country. Whether it’s running out in traffic and being hit by cars, snapping at children who don’t understand not to touch, or being on the receiving end of attacks from other dogs and animals, there are lots of dangerous situations that leashes can help prevent. But in San Francisco, owners are constantly ignoring existing leash laws and endangered their pets and others!

Even though San Francisco’s health code mandates that all dogs must be on a leash 8 feet or shorter whenever outside of their owner’s personal property, enforcement is extremely lax, and this regularly leads to tragedies. Many dog owners assume that if their dog is docile and friendly, that dog is safe to be off leash. But just because one dog is always friendly, doesn’t mean every dog they meet will be. Unleashed dogs greeting leashed ones with fear-based agression leads to totally preventable attacks! These attacks often end up with one dog being forcibly put down by the state. Please sign the petition to call for actual enforcement for the safety of all pets in San Francisco!

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