Why were these donkeys skinned?

Donkeys tremble in a small, crowded pen. The floor beneath their hooves is caked with faeces, and the only water available is sludgy and green with algae. A worker will soon drag them away, strike them with a sledgehammer, and slit their throats … leaving them to bleed out on the filthy floor.

Why were these donkeys killed? So that their skin could be cut off and boiled down to make ejiao, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine, sweets, and beauty products.

Will you please help stop the violence that donkeys and other animals endure for their skin by participating in PETA’s “Save Our Skins” challenge? Your donation before 31 July will bring us closer to our £100,000 goal.

Donkeys are wonderful, intelligent animals who love being surrounded by friends, playing, and rolling in grass. The suffering that they endure at the hands of the grisly ejiao industry is simply appalling.

PETA and our affiliates are working hard to shut down the ejiao trade, but this vile industry is still operating, and now, it’s even victimising other animals – including horses, pigs, and cows – for the production of fake ejiao.

We need you with us if we’re to prevent donkeys and other animals from being violently killed for their skin. You can power our work to protect them by donating to PETA today.

Thank you for making a difference for donkeys, cows, and other animals in need.

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