Will you help us care for mis-sold kittens

Cookie was brought into us just before Christmas. He was six weeks old but weighed only as much as a two-week-old kitten. He had the sorest eyes I’d ever seen. And he was so weak I wasn’t sure he was going to make it.

Cookie was a victim of kitten mis-selling – he’d been taken from his mother and sold much too soon, before he could even eat solid food or drink water. Deprived of nutrients and antibodies from his mother’s milk, he became extremely sick. Our expert team had to give him round-the-clock care, just to keep him alive during those precious early weeks.

Thankfully, Cookie pulled through and is now a healthy, energetic young cat. But kitten mis-selling is a growing problem — which is why we urgently need your help this winter.

With your support, we can care for more kittens like Cookie and help them survive and thrive after all they’ve been through. So please, if you can, send a generous gift today.

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