Will you tell the government to stop a kitten smuggling scandal?

The government have just announced new rules to prevent pet smuggling, but these proposals currently exclude cats and kittens – potentially risking trafficking, trauma and tragedy for helpless kittens at the hands of pet smugglers. 
Stop a kitten smuggling scandal >
The new rules being proposed will make it much more difficult for puppy smugglers to bring poorly puppies and pregnant dogs in from abroad. If cats and kittens aren’t given the same protections there is a risk that the smugglers will switch their focus to cats.
We have one chance to stop this – the government are asking for views on pet travel. We need to make it clear that we will not accept the risk of a kitten smuggling scandal unfolding.
Tell the government to stand up for kittens >
During the pandemic, prices for cats on the commercial market have skyrocketed – making the trade extremely lucrative for unscrupulous pet smugglers.

We cannot risk increasing the number of cats bred in countries without any regard for their welfare nor allow any kittens to be shipped carelessly into the country, suffering unnecessary nightmare journeys.

By using our simple campaign form we can let the government know that we will not stand for kittens being made to suffer for profit.
Put kitten welfare before profit >
Thank you in advance for your support – together, we can protect kittens from the trafficking, trauma and tragedy that could be forced upon them by pet smugglers.

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