Working on a Dream for a Forever

112 Carlota Galgos are a Preferred Transport Partner of ALStrays and we are more than happy to support their latest fundraising campaign Working on a Dream for a Forever (a GoFundMe project).

Their aim is to raise enough funds to purchase outright the Finca which they currently rent and where they do such excellent rehabilitation and rehoming work for the abandoned and abused Galgos from Malaga and other regions in Spain.

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Our objective is to raise funds to purchase a Forever Finca. Towards the end of last year Charlotte received notification from their landlord that he wanted to move back to the property. Charlotte with her family have now moved to a nearby finca. This was a very time consuming and expensive move. The current finca is on a rental agreement. However, the landlord would be willing to sell to Charlotte and her family. It is not possible to obtain a mortgage on the current finca due to the land with it. A mortgage cannot be approved for arable land. The rental agreement is for only a number of years which will mean another move in the future.
The best option if possible would be to purchase the current finca. I believe with everyones support we can achieve this.
We are hoping you will all join us to work on this dream of a Forever Finca. We know the amount we need will not take weeks or months, but maybe years. Please stay with us on this journey and together we can make this dream come true.

You can donate €10 to purchase one virtual brick,
You can donate €100 to purchase a row of virtual bricks, and if you can donate €1000 this will purchase a virtual brick wall. In return for your donation you will receive a certificate of thanks as below with your brick numbers purchased.
We will also be adding on rewards for all donations.


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