Xabi Kitten


A Special One

Xabi is very special to me, because he is the grandson of my Mummy cat Saidi.

His mother is Mimi, Saidi’s daughter, and our little ‘wild one!’ Tomorrow I will start trying to catch her again with my new feral cat trap, because I worry about her long-term future out on the streets. Because she is also very special we have found her a lovely home for feral cats in Germany, where she can live mainly outside, and where she will be safe and loved all her life, along with her best friend Monty.

Not only is Xabi special because of his parentage; he is also special because I think he is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!! SO I have named him after a Spanish football star!!!

Tomorrow Xabi is the ‘cute kitten’ pin-up of the day, so I have saved his best close-up for then, but even from these you can see how beautiful he is or am I just biased??!!!


A Little Star


A Little Star


A Little Star


My Special One

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