Yes, otters are cute. No, they don’t want to hang out with humans.

A growing trend in coffee shops is coming at the direct expense of wild animals. Cafes are serving up coffee with a side of wildlife interaction and the whole thing is just plain wrong. Will you sign the petition asking Japan, where the largest number of these cafes exists, to ban them now?

The newest and possibly most egregious craze is “otter cafes.” While they might look cute and playful, otters don’t want to play with you. They want to be in the wild where they can hunt, fish, and play with their families. Many of the animals in these cafes exhibit self-harming tendencies, shrieking and making distress calls when they are forced to interact with customers. These cafes are not only cruel to individual otters — they are contributing to the irreversible disappearance of multiple otter species. Sign the petition and call on the Japanese Ministry of the Environment to ban otter and other wild animal cafes.

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