Ziggy Stardust & Buddy Korky

25/04/13: Ziggy is still doing well in his foster home where he has other friends, but is still waiting for his forever home. I’m hoping these new photos will help people to see what a lovely little man he is:
15/12/12: Today some terrible news that I had feared came from Germany. Lovely Korky in the last days had become very very sick again with what the vets in Germany had diagnosed as a mycoplasmen infection. MaPu told me a few days ago that our boy was in an oxygen tent fighting for his life. This little darling has now lost that fight! “Korky is now an angel. He died last night. The mycoplasmen was in his head , and he could not see or breathe properly. He was very very sick. The little man now has a place in Uschi’s garden. We are all so sad.” I know that the girls tried everything to save him, and I know that he was very loved and happy in his foster home. Some things are not meant to be. I am very sad. Little Korky was the sweetest little angel cat on earth too. He stole my heart. The good news is that Ziggy has not become sick again and is fine, if for now a little lonely. I hope he will have a new friend soon. RIP darling Korky. We will always remember you.

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23/10/12: An update on Ziggy and his best friend Korky is VERY overdue! Both traveled from Pam’s (where they met) to Germany on the September transport, and until recently they have been very sick, with, it turns out, Calici virus. They were ill for a time at Pam’s with, our vet thought, a very bad cold, but both appeared to have recovered by the time they traveled, AND both were completely healthy for their first few weeks at Pam’s. It seems that one of the little boys must have been incubating Calici, probably Korky as he has been the most sick. Now due to great treatment and care in Germany both little boys are fit and well and looking just great. A big thankyou to their foster Mum and to MaPu as always. Enjoy the new photos and the earlier ones of Korky.

Below is what I wrote about Korky in July:
Korky is Ziggy’s new best friend and from the minute I saw him I knew that this was a LOVELY cat. He enjoys a good play fight like most kittens but with people he is the most affection, sweet little boy. From the first he was putting out his PAWs for cuddles and blowing us kisses. He is also at Pam’s and I know if he was my foster cat I would find it very difficult to give him up. It is hard to imagine how anyone could have abandoned him, but he was found alone and frightened up near Murcia by a lovely Englishwoman mainly involved in dog rescue. She contacted me for help and Chris picked Korky up on his way back from the last Germany transport. I’d like the 2 little boys to now find a home together as they have 6 more weeks of bonding on Pam’s balcony before they will be able to travel to Germany. I am hoping that people will be able to see from Korky’s photos what a darling he is!

25/07/12: One month later and Ziggy, now almost 3 months, is still being completely spoilt at Pam’s. He is much bigger and a very healthy weight, and he has a new little friend Korky who you will meet next. They spend hours running and play fighting up and down Pam’s long balcony. Ziggy as you can see from these new photos is a VERY playful little chap but also extremely affectionate. He IS a little darling and he knows it!!!

23/06/12: This little chap is only now about 6 weeks old and he is completely adorable. He is very happy to be cuddled and to sit on our laps for ages chewing and playing quietly. He was found in the street by an English girl north of Mojacar, and she tried first to find him a home locally. Now he is here in Almerimar I will re-home him in Germany. I have a feeling he will be very popular with his very unusual eyes that were the inspiration for his name!He is cute, cute, cute!

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