Zoo animals are dying from COVID-19

Everest, Makalu, and Ranney were three playful snow leopards who had been held at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Nebraska for years. Visitors loved watching them stalk and leap around — making these captive big cats a huge draw for the zoo. That is, until they all contracted COVID-19 in October 2021. One month later, all three were dead. With yet another spike in COVID in the U.S. occurring due to seasonal travels, even more animals — including endangered species at zoos — are at risk of dying unless they are medically protected fast.

Scientists know that animals can become infected with and succumb to COVID-19. And luckily, they’ve developed a specific vaccine to help animals. But that vaccine won’t help any creature if they don’t get inoculated with it ASAP. That’s why we’re urging the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), an organization that accredits zoos all around the world, to require vaccinations for eligible zoo animals now. These animals didn’t choose to be around humans, much less around humans carrying a highly-contagious and deadly illness. So the very least we can do is protect them from the harm we cause! Sign the petition to demand that the AZA require zoos to vaccinate their eligible animals in order to save them from COVID-19!


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