Hurricane Ian shouldn’t rip pets from their owners

Had the unfortunate experience of being in Florida during Hurricane Charlie many years ago!

Hurricane Ian Is Affecting Millions. Pets Shouldn’t Be Left Behind.

As Hurricane Ian rips through Florida, it’s forcing many to evacuate their homes. The storm has caused widespread flooding, and millions are without electricity. People fleeing to shelter should never have to worry about the possibility of leaving their pets to suffer and die. Rosen Hotels & Resorts announced it was waiving pet fees for those who need to evacuate from their homes, and other hotels should follow suit.

Sign the petition to demand Florida hotels and hotel chains — like Hilton and Marriott — should drop any fees or policies that would prevent pets from sheltering with their owners during the storm!

Hurricane Ian is “one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the U.S., swamped southwest Florida on Wednesday, turning streets into rivers, knocking out power to 2 million people and threatening catastrophic damage further inland.”

It’s stressful enough having to make the decision to evacuate your home in what could potentially be a life-or-death scenario. The idea that some people are forced to choose to evacuate and leave pets behind is heartbreaking and cruel. Those who are leaving their homes should always be able to bring their pets with them. Rosen Hotels & Resorts said in a statement that it was “people over profit in times of need.” All hotels and shelters should operate this way.

Sign the petition to demand Florida hotels and hotel chains allow pets to shelter with their owners during the hurricane and its aftermath!

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