Recommended Reading

Whether this is your first time preparing a cat or dog for a transport, or you are a seasoned veteran, the following links all contain useful information.

It is your choice whether you read them or not …… but we will assume that you have!!

Nether the Government Vets completing the TRACES forms, or the Pet Passport Control officers will accept anything other than a 100% correctly completed pet passport so it really is worth making sure that you read these Pet Passport Guidelines.

YES, there is a lot to read, remember, and do in getting your cat or dog ready for the transport so we have constructed this simple Checklist to help you keep track of everything you need to do.

Donations: please check in advance if we will have space for donations. AND Read This Page for our policy regards transporting donations. If you have donations to be brought back to Spain for one of our Preferred Transport Partners please complete this form.

PLEASE ensure you read this information regarding Rabisyva VP-13 and the need for a second vaccination before your animal can travel.

PLEASE ensure that you check that your vet has used a rabies vaccination approved by the UK if you animal is being transported to the UK. You can see the DEFRA list here

Receiving your new cat or dog is a tremendously exciting time for you, but the animal is really not as aware of the future as you are so please bear in mind how you introduce yourself to your new pet.

Sorry, we know you are excited and want to record the moment you receive your pet but PLEASE bear in mind the drivers when taking your first photos.

Said it before, will say it again PLEASE ensure you use the correct size cat box