Poisoning wolves cannot be a solution!

When it comes to the cruel and indiscriminate poisons being used to kill wolves, bears and coyotes in Alberta, Canada—strychnine, sodium cyanide and Compound 1080—there is sufficient scientific evidence to conclude that these poisons are inhumane and should not be used.

The widespread and poorly regulated use of these poisons not only results in the agonising deaths of these animals but also pet dogs, endangered species and other non-target animals can fall victim too. Please tell the Canadian government today: These poisons have no place in modern wildlife policy.

Thanks to our supporters, our worldwide petition helped ensure that the poisons were not used last year. We’re delighted to update you that the same decision was made again this yearkeeping animals safe in 2022. However, there’s still more work to be done to keep this cruel practice off the table forever. Will you join us and sign our petition, today?

We must keep the pressure on to help put an end to this horrific wolf extermination campaign. It is vital to show the Canadian government that we continue to watch them closely! 

There is no question about it: a prolonged and painful death by poison is inhumane. Please send a message to the governments of Canada and Alberta now, asking them to stop the cruel poisoning of wild animals once and for all.

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