The authorities have become much stricter regards the abuse of the TRACES Scheme, specifically people registering a re-homed animal in the new owners name and using the PETS Scheme and they now have the ability to check the pet’s TRACES Certificate online so it is important that you do not abuse the Scheme and that the TRACES Certificate is 100% correct, because otherwise they would refuse access to the pet.

Due to the fact the the TRACES Certificate isn’t issued until a day or two before the transport it is difficult for us to check them in advance. If possible please email us a copy of the Certificate so we can check it and enter the Certificate number in advance.

We will check the Certificate when we pick up the animal and any mistakes will result in the animal not traveling so please do take the time to make sure the vet completes the information correctly.

IF your animal is being transported to the UK under TRACES and we are NOT delivering to your door it is important that when you communicate with AVHLA you just tell them the animal is being delivered to your door – otherwise we need to get you to fill in another form which is just a pain!!!