ALStrays UK Transport will offer a number of UK based Pet Transport Services, invoiced as ‘usual’ through our UK Business: Marshall Innovations Limited.

Pet Transport Services

Calais Shuttle Service: this service is designed to help Pet Transport Companies that are coming into the UK from the EU and need help getting more than 20 animals transported and delivered into the UK. Read The Full Details

UK Shuttle Service: this service is designed very much with the potential TRACES requirement for the animals to go to one UK location for 48 hours before being delivered to their new homes in the UK: Read The Full Details

UK Relay Service: this service is designed to help animals already in the UK. Maybe you have adopted an animal from abroad and need it delivering to your home, maybe you are a rescue that needs help transporting animals within the UK, or you could be a private individual needing help getting your pet to the vets, a cattery of a family member. Read The Full Details

Luxury Pet Transport Service: throughout the year we run what are best described as a Luxury Pet Transport Service. These transports are generally around holiday periods and are used primarily by ourselves, family and friends with second properties in France or Spain. We run them throughout the year, but we have limited capacity so it is advisable to book early, especially if you want a holiday period or to travel with your pets. Read The Full Details