1000 Twitter Followers

Yippeee! Almerimar Strays now has 1000 Twitter pals, or anipals as most of them are. I tweet as myself, Mori, Saidi and Oscar, and sometimes even as one of the stray cats. It is great fun and has led to more people genuinely following what we do for the animals here, and even some donations to the cause! AND I have enjoyed reading my pals tweets too, and have learnt things.

SO a big thank you all ALStrays Twitter followers. Here’s hoping you continue to appreciate us!

3 thoughts on “1000 Twitter Followers

  1. Christine Rabel

    Hi, Sands! What a great site! I follow you through Chris, too…and I love what you do for all of the animals…I’m a big critter fan, too! Congratulations on what you’ve made happen…what may I do to give you more exposure on-line? Do you have a Twitter name? I’ve been getting (surprisingly!) a good deal of business on that site, and I would love to share you with all of my tweeps!

  2. Sands Post author

    That would be great … my twitter name is ALStrays … thank you!

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