180 cats and dogs found dead and dying in the care of these ‘rescuers’

The world of rescue is very much a tale of two sides BUT the ‘industry’ as a whole needs much more attention from Governments and proper regulation.

Two Women Working for an Animal ‘Rescue’ Were Exposed Running a Gruesome Puppy Mill

When local authorities got a tip about a puppy mill in Brick, New Jersey, they arrived at a terrifying scene. Over 180 cats and dogs were found in “cages stacked on cages” and living in squalor. To make matters worse, the two women living there are or have been listed as the employees — the president and treasurer — of a tax-exempt nonprofit which claims to be an animal rescue group.

At least two dogs in the home were found dead when authorities arrived, and others were living in their own waste and filth. The conditions were utterly tragic. The two women were arrested on animal cruelty charges. But if the perpetrators can still own or work with animals, what’s to say they won’t do the same thing all over again in the future?

Sign now to demand Brick, NJ authorities shut down the ‘animal rescue group’ these two worked for and prevent these women from ever working with or owning animals again!

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