2 Beautiful Black Cats

21:00 Latest news of Darcy is that he is very playful and relaxed in his new home. He is not touchable yet but I think he just needs a little more time to learn that people are friendly, and hopefully his tame cat friend will help him to build his confidence.
12/05/13: There were actually 3 black cats from Pechina on this weekend’s transport to Germany. In addition to Gethan, Selena and Darcy also traveled to a foster home and a forever home respectively. Selena is a BIG playful, friendly female of about 2 years, and Darcy is a VERY handsome, oriental looking, 1 year old male. Darcy got his chance BECAUSE Gethan already had a home and a family specifically wanted a youngish black male. He was very nervous at Pechina, not touchable and was difficult to catch but the family agreed to take him. They will I think have a pleasant surprise as during his last week here in a private rescue home, the owner HAS been able to touch him. Selena is an easy, people friendly cat. She was always putting on a show for me when I visited Pechina, as if to say ‘chose me’. I am very happy that just about now she will be arriving in a proper foster home where she will get more of the love and attention she so needs.

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