200 animals are murdered every hour by this government agency

This New Mexico County Is Standing Up to a Federal Agency That Needlessly Slaughters Wild Animals!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services has repeatedly been involved in instances of needlessly killing innocent wild animals like bears, wolves, mountain lions, and coyotes — basically doing the powerful livestock industry’s bidding. While the USDA Wildlife Services are aware of the many nonlethal options that are available when managing wildlife, the agency has continued to engage in murderous, violent practices. But one New Mexico county will no longer tolerate this bad behavior and has voted against renewing a contract with the USDA’s Wildlife Services. This is amazing — and more counties must do the same!

Sign now to ask that other New Mexico counties follow in Grant County’s footsteps and fire the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services!

Brutal leg hold traps that trap suffering, panicked animals for hours or even days in their sharp teeth. Poisons hidden in the wilderness for any animal to ingest and slowly die from. Rounding up and gassing animals, while chasing down others and shooting them to death. These are just some of the cruel methods of the USDA Wildlife Services. Grant County had taken incredible action to protect wildlife by directing the USDA’s Wildlife Services to prioritize nonlethal management methods, explicitly written in their contract. When it came to light that this was not being honored, the county held strong and fired them. Now, it is time other counties in New Mexico do the same. Sierra, Catron, Luna, and Socorro counties all neighbor Grant County and could stand up for animal lives in the same way that other New Mexicans did. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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