200 dead animals each hour… killed by the government

More Than 1 Million Animals Were Slaughtered by the U.S. Government Last Year. Stop the Killing Now!

Last year, U.S. Wildlife Services killed a jaw-dropping 1.75 million animals. That is the equivalent of 200 animals killed per hour. Dozens of species, including important native wildlife, have felt the harrowing effects of this blood-soaked program. From gray wolves to foxes, black bears to bobcats, alligators to armadillos, and more — animals around the country are being terrorized and slaughtered. Staff are supposedly pursuing this literal killing spree as a way to maintain some sense of “balance” between agricultural profits and local ecosystems. But culls are not only cruel; they’re also ineffective.

Nearly 65,000 coyotes have been slaughtered, some of them chased down and shot by people in helicopters. Imagine how terrifying that must have been. Even pet dogs have been the victims of such violence, by accidentally wandering into traps or eating poisons laid out. We need the U.S. federal government to fund vital programs such as healthcare and food assistance. So why is it spending money on campaigns to slaughter animals instead? Sign the petition to tell Wildlife Services to end the cruelty and curb the killing!

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