22 horses died in 3 months at this race track.

I really don’t understand or accept why we need to use animals for any form of entertainment in this day and age with all the other options available to us.

he Santa Anita Racetrack Killed 22 Horses in 3 Months. The City of Los Angeles Must Shut It Down for Animal Cruelty!

In a rash of horrific tragedies, three horses died in just three days at the famous Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California. At another point, in the span of about three months, 22 race horses died. One perished from a heart attack, while the other 21 were euthanized after suffering catastrophic leg injuries on the track, leading park officials to temporarily close the track. Racetrack officials tried to blame the injuries on soil conditions due to wet weather. But the director of the University of Kentucky’s Agricultural Equine Programs evaluated the soil conditions and declared the track suitable for training and racing. So, clearly something else was happening here — and Santa Anita officials just want to evade the truth. In the process, they’re putting more innocent, helpless animals in harm’s way.

Moreover, a 2012 New York Times investigation found that 90 percent of horses that broke down on the track had pre-existing injuries. Sadly, these injured horses went untreated, and were instead given painkillers so they could continue to race. Running on legs that needed rest and healing, the horses were only further injured — and forced into horrible pain. All this is just to satisfy human entertainment. Despite all the evidence of wrongdoing and reform-dodging, Santa Anita Park officials reopened the track after its temporary pause. Its calendar is currently packed with events. This cruel sport and the negligent treatment of these animals suggests that more horses will probably die, and needlessly. But that will only be true if we don’t speak up on their behalf. Sign the petition to demand that the city of Los Angeles and Arcadia shut down the Santa Anita Park!

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