24 dogs were found living in squalor

Four adult dogs and twenty puppies of varying ages were recovered from a home in Massachusetts recently. We don’t know why the man had so many dogs, but given their breed (pitbull), it’s possible he was breeding them inhumanely in order to sell them. If that is the case, he may be part of a network of breeders or buyers that includes more animal abuse. Will you sign the petition asking local authorities to investigate this animal abuser’s connections to be sure no more dogs are suffering?

When authorities went to the home, they found that the dogs didn’t have adequate access to food or water. The adults, one male dog and three female dogs, were all believed to be pitbull-type breeds. One of the puppies had a broken leg that hadn’t been treated. Multiple puppies had umbilical hernias that will require surgery, likely because they were never given any veterinary care. Some of them also had heart murmurs. Luckily, all the dogs survived, thanks to the care of the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

But there could easily be more animals suffering in this network. Sign the petition to demand a full investigation of all connections!

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  1. Cherri Farren

    stop people being able to keep so many dogs without adequate resources

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