3 Tips for Finding Pet Friendly Hotels While Traveling

Traveling with a pet is one of those luxuries in life that most people do not ever get to experience because it is so difficult to find the right accommodations for the pet. On top of that, some pets get overly nervous and fidgety during travel, as they are creatures of habit and prefer to stay in their comfort zone. Because of this, many travel options (buses, trains and planes) do not allow pets on board without more payments for it, or they may make the pet stay in the loading zone with the rest of the luggage. Once you get past the point of finding travel for your pet, the next problem is finding a place to stay that allows pets inside. Pet friendly hotels and motels are becoming less and less common these days, and most are unwilling to take the risk of having a pet indoors, which could cause damage to their property among other things. Many pet friendly hotels and motels will actually just charge the person with an extra pet deposit fee, but some do not bother with it and just ban pets from their premises period.

Tip #1: Hit the web

Okay, so many hotels and motels do not offer pet services, but some do. The best way to find these places is to surf online. Odds are, there will be at least one hotel or motel in the area you are searching in that will allow pets to stay in the rooms. Many hotels that are pet friendly will clearly state that fact as one of their amenities. So, you should not have to dig very deep to find that information. Some may require a pet deposit fee, but it is usually 100% refundable as long as there is no pet-related damage upon departure from the room. There are also some websites that will allow you to search specifically for pet friendly hotels and motels, and will also provide customer reviews.

Tip #2: Ask the hotel

Hotels and motels are in the hospitality business, which means they are in the business of making people comfortable and happy. Some hotels and motels may not advertise a pet policy, but still may have one anyway, or will be willing to work with the customer to accommodate their pets. Many times, a hotel will have certain rooms that are set aside specifically for customers with pets, so it is crucial to talk with them- especially to find out if the rooms will be available or not when you get there. Also, some may only allow cats and dogs, but not other types of pets (i.e. lizards, snakes, hamsters, etc.)

Tip #3: The difference between pet-tolerant and pet-friendly

A pet-tolerant hotel will allow you to keep a pet in the room, but will not allow much else outside of that. A pet-friendly hotel, on the other hand, may have things like hardwood floors and maybe even an outside dog park, so your dog can play with other people’s dogs.

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