£30,000 Matching Gift Opportunity

Received the following email from IFAW detailing the care given to a rescue dog (Pelusa) and the fact that a sponsor has agreed to match any gifts up to a value of £30,000

Pelusa was alone, roaming the streets and scavenging for food. She was just skin and bones and covered with mange.

There are thousands of dogs and cats like Pelusa in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, who will suffer and die because they don’t receive the veterinary care they need.

But, now, you can help me change all that! You can help me build a veterinary clinic for the animals in Playa and help other animals in need.

The new clinic we’ll build with our partner Coco’s Animal Welfare will allow us to save more cats and dogs. It’ll let us perform more critically needed procedures on more sick and injured homeless animals like Pelusa. And it’ll let us spay and neuter more animals to ease the cycle of unwanted and abandoned animals.

Plus, with the extra space we’ll have, members of the community and pet owners can visit the clinic to learn about animal welfare and proper pet ownership.

I’m really excited about this opportunity for you and me to make a difference in these and other animals’ lives.

A generous supporter has even agreed to match your gift today so that we can get this this project, and other projects to help animals, off the ground quickly.

Your voice and your actions have helped me save so many animals. But it will be your gift given today that can double and help me save even more.

Make sure your gift gets matched today to help animals in Playa and around the world.

You can contribute via this link


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