32 videos of wildlife cruelty with a 2-yr-old encouraged to participate

Stories of animal abuse and cruelty are always hard to stomach, but a recent case in the UK is especially chilling. A teaching assistant and her boyfriend were caught encouraging a two-year old to kill foxes and badgers. Yes, you read that right – two grown adults were attempting to have a child slaughter innocent wild animals for no reason whatsoever. Local police charged the couple with wildlife cruelty, but this is not enough. Not only did these two people endanger and abuse wild animals, they also put the two-year-old at risk.

Sign now to demand that the Cheshire Police also charge these two abusers with child endangerment!

32 videos were recently brought to a court, all of which depicted varying degrees of brutal animal abuse and torture. Local officials described the videos as “shocking and horrific,” with some footage even showing the couple trying to get a dog to attack a badger. At one point, the woman in question literally baited three dogs to “pull a fox to pieces.” All of this was going on with a two-year old right there at the scene, often being encouraged to participate directly. Not only was this young toddler directly at risk being that close to fighting animals, who knows how long they will endure the psychological trauma of witnessing this type of violence.

The reality is, this incident not only endangered animals, it put the child involved at risk, too. Sign the petition if you agree!

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