4 Apps That Help You Care for Your Pet

Remember when Fido was your only best friend? Much to your pet’s dismay, there’s a new sidekick in town. An IDC study reports 63 percent of smartphone owners have their devices by their side for all but one hour during the day. This means your four-legged friend has to share your company with a less-fluffy pocket partner. Luckily, there’s room for two trusted allies in your life. These pet-friendly apps help keep your real best friend safe and happy:

Camera Friendly

A dog’s life isn’t easy. The daily demands of sleeping, eating and lounging can take a toll on even the most ambitious of canines. Keep a close eye on your pooch with the iCam app. This app enables pet owners to monitor their pet’s daily activities from multiple devices over Wi-Fi. Have more than one pet? Find out who the real shoe thief is once and for all by monitoring them. If poor playback causes you to miss important details of your pets’ day, check out the top smartphones for video viewing.

Social Hounds

Is Facebook replacing bonding time with your furry friend? If you’re having more fun with your virtual friends, the DoggyDatez app can help. This location-based mobile platform makes walking your dog fun again. The app lets you experience the thrill of marking your territory. From your smartphone you can take ownership of an area near you and see who else visits your spot. Make new friends based on who’s put a scent on your favorite walking route. You can also search local dog owners by gender, age, dog gender, dog age and/or dog breed. For competitive types, earn DogMiles and become TopDog by marking territories. The more you walk your dog, the more points you’ll earn.

Escape Artists

You take all necessary precautions to keep your pup safe. If your dog gets lost, microchipping and dog tags leave the power in strangers hands. Gain control of your pets’ whereabouts with Tagg – The Pet Tracker. Part of the Tagg pet-tracking system, the app uses advanced GPS and wireless tracking technology that lets you see where your pet is at any time. There’s no need to change your pet’s adorable bowtie collar. Simply attach a the small tracking device to your pet’s existing collar and you’re set. In case of emergency, Tagg identifies your pup’s real-time location on a map. One-click directions guide you to the mapped location. Ensure safety by designating a Tagg zone — if your pet goes outside the designated boundaries, the app will notify you via e-mail.

Safety First

When your pets are family, you take care of them like the babies they are. Learn how to treat boo-boo’s and administer CPR with The Red Cross Pet First Aid App. The app offers instructional video guides to common emergencies and identifies common toxic substances. Take initiative to proper pet care by completing a series of quizzes test your pet health knowledge. When traveling, use the app to locate the nearest emergency vet hospital or pet-friendly hotel.


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