8 Kittens Needing A Safe Haven

We’ve been contacted by Kerry who has a dilemma, can anyone help? In Kerry’s own words:
“About 5 months ago or more, a stray cat came in my window in the night and had kittens. I couldn’t bring myself to put them out and have tried everywhere to get help. The big problem is that my neighbour poisons or stamps on the cats. He has just killed one of mine and has killed others of mine before and loads of others. I cant afford to keep them but am frightened to put them out. There are 8, all females who have now been spayed.”

Most are little torties, but there is also one black and one siam-mix. All are in need of adoptants or foster homes. I would love to help them, but all my cat rescue partners are currently completely full.

Contact Kerry on 618 957 286

1 thought on “8 Kittens Needing A Safe Haven

  1. wayne goulden

    Can you tell me where the neighbour lives who feels its ok to stamp on the cats so I can come and stamp on him!!!! thanks.

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