A circus forced an elephant to pull sleds until he died

Again, humans do not need animals to be used in any form of entertainment. None. Zich. Zero!

A Circus Abused an Elephant Until Its Death. It’s Still Exploiting Ponies and Other Animals!

The Reutlinger Weihnachtscircus in Germany is a winter circus that has highlighted animal shows for years. One special attraction was Mambo the captive elephant, whom they forced to pull sleds through the snow.

Then, after a life spent in forced servitude, Mambo died in 2020.

Unfortunately, the Reutlinger Weihnachtscircus hasn’t learned its lesson, because this year its shows feature ponies and llamas. It proudly boasts this information right on its website!

Elephants do not enjoy doing tricks for humans or pulling them around, and it is deeply unnatural for them to be outside in the cold winter climate of Europe. In order to tame elephants, trainers use a method called “the crush” to beat them into submission.

Similarly, other animals do not enjoy performing for humans, either. In order to coerce ponies, llamas, or other creatures to entertain us, handlers employ training methods often based on fear and pain.

Just because the German circus no longer has access to an elephant does not mean it’s okay for them to substitute in other frightened, abused animals instead. 

This German circus forced an elephant to pull sleds in the snow until he died. German officials must ban it from using any other animals in its 2022 show!

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