A Dog Named Sandra

Yesterday, for a change, Pam and I rescued a dog instead of a cat! This came about because we happened to be at the Truck Stop petrol station, just up the motorway on Sunday, and were accosted by a very friendly and rather hungry, floppy eared hound! We made enquiries in the shop and were told that a Spanish family had been seen pushing this poor creature out of their car before driving off. Lovely, and once again an example of just how cruel and uncaring people can be.

Anyway Pam and I were both worrying about the dog all of Monday, and having failed to find any of the usual dog-lovers to go to the rescue, the ‘cat ladies’ took action yesterday morning!

I’m pleased to say that this lovely animal is now safely up with Jos and kind helpers at the dog rescue, and we will be keeping a watch on her progress. She is now my name-sake, for the short-term anyway. I did suggest that Sandy may be a better name for a dog, but Sandra it is!

Sandra was actually very happy to be caught and no problem, once I had got over my initial reservation of picking up a rather large strange dog. She sat happily in the back of our jeep for the short journey, and seems a lovely gentle animal.

When we arrived at the Truck Stop it was good to see a Spanish lady dog-owner giving her some food, but I wonder what would have happened to her if cat rescue hadn’t stopped by on Sunday! Now we’re back to sorting our cats, which is taking quite enough of my time, so if anyone wants to get more involved in dogs that need rescuing, please contact us; help would really be appreciated if another urgent situation arises. I for one find it very difficult NOT to do something when I know an animal is in trouble, and that there is an obvious way to help.


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  1. Chris

    So you and Pam regularly hand around Truck Stops on the pick up then do you?????

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