A driver ran over this trapped and scared koala

Koalas can spend as many as 18 hours each day asleep in the branches of trees, just snoozing, cuddling, and looking adorable. They’re natural “tree-huggers,” clinging to trunks to regulate their body temperatures and keep cool. It’s safe to say that koalas are one of the world’s most heartwarming creatures. But, sadly, humans are ruining it all. We’re building too many roads, tunnels, bridges, and fences through this precious animal’s habitat, particularly in New South Wales, Australia, where koala populations have seen serious and terrifying declines. Instead of laying on branches, dozing, now these animals are laying in the road — dead, struck by passing cars.

Even supposedly “koala-proofed” streets and tunnels are becoming the sight of grisly roadkills. One such tragic killing was caught on camera. An injured koala became trapped inside a tunnel while traffic whipped past it, leaving it unable to go anywhere. The scene finally ended when tunnel operators tried to initiate a rescue — but a truck driver didn’t notice, crossed into the koala’s lane, and killed it right on the spot. We can’t let this become the new normal. Demand that the New South Wales government improve its intervention, maintenance, and protection policies now to save koalas from becoming roadkill!

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