A famous chef may have killed his family’s pets – and harmed his wife

He Was a Top Chef in LA. Now He’s Accused of Killing His Family’s Pet Cats.

A chef at one of the hottest restaurants in L.A. now stands accused by his wife, who is also his business partner and co-chef, of domestic violence and killing the couple’s cats.

L.A. authorities must investigate these allegations of domestic abuse and animal cruelty in order to ensure that other pets and humans are kept safe from potential violence!

According to his wife’s court filings, the couple’s multiple cats “mysteriously ended up dying,” some from wounds and others from internal injuries. Animal shelter staff apparently examined one of the animals and informed her that someone had “seriously abused” the pets.

At one point, she alleges that her husband joked about feeding a new kitten to wild coyotes, and that she later saw him actively abusing their cat. Even her husband’s own mother acknowledges that “one after the other [of the cats] died.”

On top of that, his wife stated that on at least one occasion, he apparently grabbed her and dragged her along the floor as she screamed for him to stop.

Authorities must look into this situation in order to keep animals and people safe. Sign the petition now!

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