A fire tragically burned down this dog rescue organization

A Tragic Fire Burned Down This Dog Meat Trade Rescue Facility!

An important dog rescue organization in South Korea has suffered a devastating loss. This August, a terrible fire broke out at Jindo Love Rescue, which saves dogs from the country’s dog meat trade. The fire tragically killed thirteen dogs, with many others wounded and missing. Now the organization has 60 dogs in their care who need shelter, food, medical attention and love. On top of that, the entire rescue center needs to be rebuilt.

Sign now to demand the South Korean government provide funding to help rebuild this foster center and help dogs affected by the fire!

The South Korean government has been promising to move forward with ending dog meat consumption in the country for years. There is even a 2018 law on the books that technically makes the slaughter of dogs and cats illegal, but every year, many dogs are still slaughtered. And one of the crucial ways South Korea must step up and protect the innocent dogs who are horrifically killed in the practice is by supporting organizations like Jindo Love Rescue, who care for dogs rescued from the illegal dog meat trade. Sign the petition now to tell the South Korean government: step up and support Jindo Love Rescue now! We must protect dogs and protect the vital organizations that shelter and care for them!

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