A Litter Rescued

Today I rescued the remaining 3 kittens from the litter that was left on the rocks just after Xmas. The first 2 I picked up on Tuesday and they have been with Jenny. The plan today was to take them up to Tracy’s for the next week and try and get another of the litter to go with them. Tracy has today actually ended up with all 5 and I’d like to thank her for kindly agreeing to take them all on.

I caught the pretty white boy very easily this afternoon, but then noticed that one of the remaining little black and white kittens was limping badly, so couldn’t leave that one on the rocks. That would have left just one lonely little kitten with no brothers and sisters to keep it warm, so a decision made. The last little kitten was the most shy at coming forward for the food so it took me a little while to catch her, but she then snuggled happily into my arms. I am pleased we have her as she is a little thin. This may be just that she didn’t fight hard enough for her share of the food among the bigger strays. Tracy will watch her and the little one with the bad paw.

So we have we think 2 boys (both bigger) and 3 girls, and I’m sure they will be happy to be safe and warm and all together again. I’m sure they must have had human contact as they seem tame not feral, and I think they will be easy to re-home. My plan is to get them ready to travel to Germany some time in February unless homes are found for them here in the meantime.

I hope to take photos of them in the next few days, and I have left Tracy and Jack thinking of names for the 2 little black and white ones. Jenny had already named Bruno and Bonny, and the mainly white male is now Blanco. Any suggestions for 2 more females beginnning with ‘B’ will be appreciated!

8 thoughts on “A Litter Rescued

  1. Chris

    Is no cat safe on the streets of Almerimar from you guys!!!!

    Tracy – you are a *

  2. Sands Post author

    Off to the vet again later with 3 of these little ones. We have 2 bad chests and one suspected broken leg! More news later.

  3. Sands Post author

    I’m off to the vet again soon to pick up Billy who is having a splint put on his broken leg. All 3 have had anti-inflammatory injections for their bunged up chests, and Tracy will be giving antibiotics to all 5 (including the brothers) as they are all sneezing. Generally seem healthy but I think the weather over the last 2 weeks with so much wind and rain has taken its toll. Thank goodness they are now safe and in the warm. We have 4 little boys and 1 girl. I learnt today from Begona that tortoiseshell cats are always girls!

  4. Mary

    so I guess you’ve stopped looking for girls names beginning with B!

  5. Sands Post author

    YEP and one of the poor little boys got called Blossom by mistake. Slightly gave up on the Bs. We now have Bonny, Bruno, Billy, Jasper (used to know someone called Bill Jasper!) AND Jack (Sparrow), the big white boy with the pirates patch!

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