A Much Improved Bono

This is the latest video of little Bono enjoying his food.

I took this a couple of days ago, and the improvement is obvious. Each day he is getting better with his eating, in terms of less effort and time, and less mess. He is still not great at lapping liquids, but we’re confident that this will improve too, and Pam has decided to stop giving him milk in syringes to encourage him to make the effort.

We are hoping to find the right home for him and send him to Germany in mid March, but he has a good foster home with Pam and John until we are happy he is ready. News from Germany is that there are SO many people interested, we will have a great choice of families for him, in fact Martina tells me people are “only interested in Bono“!

We need to find the right home, not just because of his potential residual long-term eating problems, but also because he is such a playful little fellow with lots of energy and personality. We now think he will be happiest in a home where there is another lively cat as play-mate, but we will see. The important thing is that after all our efforts (particularly Pam’s), this beautiful little chap will have a life. He is definitely a kitten ‘saved’.


2 thoughts on “A Much Improved Bono

  1. Chris

    He has improved a lot. Amazing improvemnet, well done to all 🙂

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