A NEW ANIMAL RESCUE AMBULANCE is on the road saving lives in Ukraine!

Ukraine’s animals have suffered for 6 weeks (we have been on the ground saving them since the first bomb fell). Those still alive are edging closer to a lonely and painful death. Please, help us save as many as we can!

Last week, we told you that an ambulance owned by our Polish partner DIOZ had been involved in an accident in the war zone and wasn’t able to be driven or repaired. We urgently needed to get the team back on the road and back to the animals – every day, DIOZ rescues desperate dogs and cats who have no one else to help them.

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Once again, you came through for the animals. Thanks to your heartwarming support, we’ve been able to buy another ambulance for DIOZ so it can continue evacuating animals from some of the most dangerous parts of Ukraine. This is the third ambulance we have bought for Ukraine animal rescuers in a month.

DIOZ does amazing work, driving great distances each week into Ukraine from its Polish base to take in pet food and bring back sick and abandoned animals. Often, Russian planes fly overhead as the team dashes into the war zone, dodging bullets, never sure if today will be the day it gets bombed. And yet, DIOZ keeps going in and bringing sick, starving, terrified animals out. This war has gone on for well over a month. The animals still on the street or cowering in bomb-hit shelters are deeply traumatized and DIOZ is the only hope they have.

We sadly have to report that the situation for animals in Ukraine is still getting worse all the time. As the Russians retreat and we are able to reach areas that were too dangerous to access during the heavy onslaughts in February and March, we uncover more and more heartbreak, more deprivation, more pain and more death.

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