A skyscraper farm will breed and slaughter millions of pigs

Just wrong!

This High-Rise Factory Farm Will Slaughter 1 Million Pigs Each Year

A corporation in China recently unveiled a chilling new 26-story-tall skyscraper building… all dedicated to slaughtering 1.2 million pigs per year.

This is horrifying and we must demand the Chinese government intervene now to stop this!

Not only are factory farms notoriously cruel, treating sentient beings as though they are nothing more than items to be sadistically brutalized, but they are also bad for human health.

Multiple infectious disease experts have spoken out against this massive facility, explaining that high-density facilities like this contribute to the spread of huge disease outbreaks.

Animal agriculture is also deeply intertwined with worsening climate change. The more we increase meat production, the worse for the Earth. 

Back in 2019, China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released a policy that permitted corporations to build high-rise, high-density facilities for breeding and slaughtering animals. 

We must urge this government agency to reverse course in order to save animals from horrific suffering, humans from more pandemics, and the Earth from climate crisis. Sign the petition now!

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