A Spanish research facility is conducting cruel and abusive experiments on a range of innocent animals!

Madrid based research organization Vivotecnia conducts cruel and unnecessary experiments on a range of animals including monkeys, dogs, mini pigs, rats, mice and rabbits for the biopharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, tobacco and food industries. Sign Now and urge the Spanish Government to cite the Spanish Animal Welfare Act 32 and close this Madrid facility on the basis of animal cruelty!

Undercover footage of cruelty and abuse that was allegedly taken in a Spanish testing facility has been brought to light and shows animals housed in barren conditions, being taunted, smacked, shaken and cut into without adequate anethesia. In addition to these horrifying acts, the footage also shows technitions shaking and swinging rats around, rodents being decapitated with scissors, rabbits struggling in restraints, fully concious rats having blood drawn from their eyes and dogs being thrown in cages by the scruff of their necks!

Even further, the people there apparently drew on the animals and taunted them, all for their personal amusement. Nothing about this is OK. Sign the petition to demand action from the Spanish Government!

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