A Successful Fundraising Month

March has been a great month with 480€ raised to help more of our stray cats and dogs. This all started on March 6th with a good book-sale and then our first poker run in the evening, which Jan and Ingegerd Ljung (pictured with me) won by pulling out a total of 3 aces!

The Winners Presentation

I’d like to thank The Reader for their coverage of the Poker Run and for providing the prize for the winners: a case of red wine, and Cafe bar Ankara for providing an excellent curry, chilli and tuna pasta bake, for the prize-giving and raffle at the end of the evening, and of course to everyone who supported it.

Overall it was a great evening. We would have liked a bigger turn-out, but it was reasonable, and everyone who joined in had fun, loved the idea, and thought we should definitely have another one when there are more people about and the weather is a little more pleasant for walking around. We also had offers from more bars who would like to be included in the next one.

After that rather busy Saturday, yesterday was a little more relaxed with just our usual book-sale, but again it was well supported and each 100€ raised is enough to help another cat on its way to a new life.

Thank you again to everyone who helps our fund-raising in any way!

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