Abandoned dogs and cats are wandering the streets FREEZING

Having been to Bosnia in the winter to transport cats and dogs I can vouch for how cold it is!

It is a cold and miserable winter in the Balkans, and 12 of our partners are in desperate need of help in feeding 2,900 dogs in their care. Countless of these abandoned animals wander the streets looking for scraps of food are freezing, wet and without hope. The sad truth is that without assistance from animal lovers like you, many of these dogs will never see another summer.

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Many of the people of Montenegro treat animals as vermin! If homeless animals are caught, they get the killing needle if they are lucky, and poisoned if not. Amazingly, in many places, this is still happening.

For most dogs in the region, their lives remain nasty, brutish and short. Unwanted puppies are dumped on main roads so they can be hit by cars, old animals are abandoned because it is too much trouble to care for them, injured animals are dumped rather than taken to a vet, and sick animals are killed.

Fortunately, some good people dedicate their lives to helping these dogs. We work with 12 wonderful partners in Balkan countries, feeding and caring for dogs. Each of these organizations depend upon our supporters and every single one of our partners in Balkan countries is pleading with us to buy food to get the dogs through winter.
The situation is even worse this year because the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused food shortages and driven up prices.

Your donation will buy essential dog food for cold, hungry, discarded dogs and for street cats too. Can these starving animals count on your support today?

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