Adalita – The Little Bhudda!

Little Adalita

Latest Update: 090106
Adalita has a home! I have just had this email from Germany:
Adalita stays in her foster home :o)) they are so in love with her !!!

Martina in Germany sent me these photos of Adalita, one of our Almerimar kittens looking pretty chilled in her foster home. She did however comment that she was looking a bit like a little Bhudda! Adalita seems to have developed this little belly since she came to Almerimar, maybe as the result of too much good food. It’s actually quite cute, but let’s hope as she gets older she becomes a little more slimline!

Little Adalita

Little Adalita

She certainly seems to be getting on well with her new housemates!

3 thoughts on “Adalita – The Little Bhudda!

  1. Chris

    Great pics!!!!

    Getting tempted myself to be fostered in Germany 🙂

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