Additional EuroTunnel Paperwork

Following on from the post earlier this week regarding EuroTunnel restricting transporters to a maximum of 20 animals we have received more details of how this will be implemented and while I have absolutely no issue with what they are doing or why they are doing it, there are going to be a couple of logistical issues to resolve.

First, in order to book the twenty animals we can only do that via their online Contact Form, which they say they will respond to within two days. So we will buy our Frequent Traveller tickets as before, and book our train times in advance as before. As we have always tried to close our booking process the Friday before we depart we will continue to do so and at that time we will email through a request to amend our booking with the number of animals we require. In reality I think that means it will be the Wednesday before we depart on the Friday that we receive confirmation from EuroTunnel, which hopefully will always be positive, but I imagine at times we may have to amend our Schedule if we don’t get the time slot we originally booked.

And of course, it means that once we have submitted and paid for the spaces it is unclear (but I assume we can’t) if we can add any last minute animals onto the booking.

Second, we now have to complete this EuroTunnel Disclaimer, and submit it at the same time as we request the spaces, and we have to provide a copy of our Type 2 Licence.

I repeat, zero issues with them limiting the numbers, or imposing a more stringent process, but I am a little concerned that the increased workload for them in processing the requests may end up delaying some transports.

Time will tell, and as ever we will endeavour to me as organised, transparent and communicative as ever.

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