Adopting Your Spanish Holiday Cat

Many a tourist from the UK visiting Spain is horrified by the abuse, neglect and abandonment of so many cats and dogs, and understandably wants to do something to help.

Feeding the strays is all well a good, and certainly gives them a week or so of better food, but it often does more long term harm than good as locals resent it, the population of strays grow (full bellies make them horny!), colonies are created and diseases spread.

Finding a local rescue is often hard, if not impossible, especially one with spaces, but you should always try.

Finding a local vet and getting the cat neutered, vaccinated and treated for worms etc will do wonders for the cat, and the cat population.

And of course you can adopt it! It really is a lot easier than you think to have the cat prepared and transported to the UK.

For 350€ (£275) we can sort out the Pet Passport, TRACES, and transport on one of our scheduled transports to safely and legally transport your newly adopted holiday pet cat.

Included in the price: the pet passport, TRACES, accommodation for the cat in Spain, rabies vaccinations, and transport to the UK.

Getting the cat to us in Spain may incur additional costs, and we can arrange for sterilisation, blood tests, other vaccinations and any treatment at prices much cheaper than you would pay in the UK.

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