Adra Cat Girls

These beautiful and very unusual girls are currently being fostered by us whilst their Dad is in the UK. I am also searching for a new home for them in Germany, as Bob is about to relocate back to the UK and has asked for my help.

These lovely ladies are called Chica and Grande after the 2 villages near where they live. Bob adopted them as stray kittens, and they are now 4 years old. He thought about taking them back to the UK, but decided it wasn’t practical to wait 7 months. Currently they are not too happy in Erika’s apartment as they are predominantly outside cats. They are however for now safe and eating well.

Yesterday I had them chipped and they also had all their vaccinations, so apart from a blood test scheduled for next week, they are ready to travel on the next available transport to Germany, having been sterilised as kittens. Martina has already had some interest as they are striking cats. She has only ever seen this colour once before. They are like a strange tortoishell with big blue eyes, most likely a siamese mix.

As they will not be travelling until at least June, they will probably go back to their home for a few weeks, when their Dad gets back mid-May. I think they will be happier there, while they wait to travel. Bob goes back to the UK permanently in mid-June so that is my deadline.

In the meantime they are very friendly and Chica particularly loves being stroked. They are welcome and with the help of the girls in Germany I will find them a great new home together.




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