All Arrived Safely!

UPDATE 08/06 1600: Re. Greta & Harvey
“Harvey and Greta are fine… But Greta came out of the box and first time would jump from the balcony after she saw the little dog, who only want to sit next to her. Harvey was very great with all, only tried. I caught Greta and Harvey and then would be better to sit them into the kitchen. Greta was running under the cooler… we do not know how she got under this but she slept there and Harvey in the cat-tree after he got his dinner and I stroked him a little bit… I will give you more details when I get some more informations in the next days…”

07/06: 1600
Just got news from Martina that all is well in Germany with our cats. Kasper is already in his new home; he ‘looks great’ and they like him a lot. Apparently his new cat pal is”is a bit older but has ” steam in her ass “! Meanwhile Greta and Harvey are in their foster home and are both well too. Harvey slept in the car and Greta ‘sang’, which is actually just about my experience certainly of her!

I am SO grateful for everything that Martina and Kerstin continue to do for our cats. Martina had a 6am start today, and to give you an idea of her dedication, here is her email from yesterday evening:

“i will pick up all your cats tomorrow morning about 8 o clock…cäsar/kapser will drive to his new home directly and greta+harvey i drive to würzburg and meet kerstin there, she drives them to the foster home in nürnberg….i think , i will be home about 1 o clock, i have to go round about 400 km, i will tell you direckty that they arrived well, when i´m back home, ok ?”

Actually Martina has only just got home in the last 30mins due to traffic! What lovely people they are!


2 thoughts on “All Arrived Safely!

  1. Chris

    Brilliant news!!!

    They are certainly stars, and if they ever make it over to Almerimar are worthy of some generous hospitality ….

    Now if only you get them to use the blog more 🙂

  2. Pam Roberts

    Thank goodness they have arrived and are all ok.I have been so worried about Kasper all day as it is such a traumatic journey for our three Musketeers. I hope they settle into their new homes, especially Kasper as he was such a special cat.It will all seem so strange to him – but he settled into our home very quickly and seemed an adaptable cat.Hope he doesnt have to struggle too much with the language!!!!

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