All Arrived Safely!

News from Germany is that, after their 24 hour drive, all our cats are safe and well. Charlie has yet to arrive in his new home and we seem to be missing his passport, but I’m sure everything will be fine.

As for Tabitha and the kittens, all sounds very promising from Martina’s email, and I’m sure that Bonny and Felix will completely get over being parted soon.

“hi sandra,
1,5 hours late…but all arrived well near frankfurt ! first felix went to his new home…i nearly was crying, when i separated him from bonni….but felix jumped around and was very curious, the other small cat had some fear of him first…but not for long…and went to him, to give him a kiss ;o)he forgot his sister at the moment i left the house with her…bonni was not so happy about that…but in her new home…she was running around, playing….wanted to kiss the other cat, but she was very upset…but very curious too…and became friendly…;o) i visited the cats for 2 hours and i´m sure, they will become friends !!
tabitha ( wow, she is so nice!) is in her new home too…all are well and happy i think !
i hope charlie will arive well too…so 4 cats are happy germans now ;o)
good job !!!!thank you !”

Great news isn’t it and a relief. It is always fantastic to hear that everyone has arrived and is none the worst for the long journey.

2 thoughts on “All Arrived Safely!

  1. Mary

    And we get so upset when we see them off! I am beginning to think that the worse thing for them is being yanked out of their beds at some unearthly hour without knowing what is going on. They all seem to adapt so quickly, maybe we should take a leaf out of their book?

  2. Jenny

    Well done and many thanks to Sandra and Mary and EVERYONE involved with the operation – that’s four little (and big!) cats all landed on their feet! And it does seem that they will very soon settle into their new surroundings with their new friends and live very happily. It’s also very comforting to know that there is such a brilliant support team in Germany that look after them so well in the interim and find such suitable, appropraite homes.

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